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Easton LST7

 CNT Carbon Nanotube technology enhances Easton's unique Opti-Flex composite handle technology providing three times greater flex than standard one piece aluminum bats.  Exclusive Sc900 Scandium...

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Stealth CNT -9

Three reasons why the Easton Stealth CNT Regular Flex BST31 Senior League Bat is the best bat in the game today: 1. New CNT Carbon Nanotube technology enhances Easton’s unique Opti-Flex™...

Price: $79.95

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Easton Fp11St10

This is a New Easton Stealth Speed. Factory wrapper, it has the new USSSA stamp on it along with NSA, ISA, ASA 2004 and ISF. This -10 bat is a two piece composite! RARE 2011 bat!

Price: $319.95 $363.95

Availability: In Stock

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